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+ Where does the training take place?

Science Over Tradition offers in home personal and small group training. Training is also offered at a number of privately owned facilities throughout Fairfield County.

+ I have never lifted weights before — is this for me?

Science Over Tradition provides a number of different assessment protocols to ensure that a safe progressive performance program is presented to each member. We believe that the evaluation process is critical. When it comes to weight training, we provide a number of different exercise variations that will lead to outstanding results, regardless of previous weight training experience.

+ How do you measure progress?

Each Science Over Tradition member will undergo a Performance Analysis. Upon completion of the Performance Analysis, each member will work with our team to identify specific goals for each phase of the performance program. These goals will be continually monitored using an individualized member performance profile.

+ Is Online Coaching Available?

Science Over Tradition offers both group and personal online training. All programs and progress monitoring are uploaded via the train heroic application.

+ How many training sessions a week do I need for optimal results?

Frequency and type of training session will vary based on training age, resources, and specific goals. Following our Human Performance Analysis, we will determine the best course of action for each member.