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We believe that tracking the progress of each member serves as the foundation of our outcome-based philosophy. As a result, our Performance Analysis provides coaches with the information necessary to create a program that is specific to the goals of each member. In addition, performance analysis data is utilized to compare progress over the course of a time and demonstrate measurable results. Areas of evaluation include:

  • Biomechanical Assessment

  • Blood Lab Analysis (optional)

  • Body Composition Testing

  • Bodyweight Tracking

  • DNA Testing (optional)

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Heart Rate Recovery

  • Neurotransmitter Profile

  • Nutrition Status

  • Sleep Quality

  • Structural Balance

  • Previous Training Experience



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Our training philosophy focuses on ground-based, three dimensional, and multi-joint movements that will elicit tremendous changes in body composition and performance. Each member will receive an individualized program specific to their goals and assessment needs. Training phases are 12 weeks long and made up of 4 different training blocks. Emphasis on program density, volume, tempo, intensity, and exercise selection are rotated in order to build upon previous training and allow for proper recovery. Training programs encompass everything from warm up to cool down to ensure an exceptional experience.




As nutrition research continues to evolve, there has been a change in how we define healthy food. In fact, new research indicates that what may be healthy for one person may be highly inflammatory for another. The right quality food, for the right person, must be consumed regularly in order to maximize results and progressively improve body composition. Science Over Tradition believes in addressing all aspects of fueling through individualized protocols that are conducive to the progress of each member. As the body changes, nutrition protocols will also change. We strive to avoid becoming stagnant with our progress and are continuously searching for the latest strategies to maximize results.






While training and fueling are highly valuable components of our system, the value of proper recovery should never be understated. The recovery component of our performance model educates members on optimal stress-management, sleep habits, and individualized supplementation. These methods will vary based on training phase, training age, and member goals. By coaching members through all aspects of our recovery protocol, training session efficiency and output will be substantially elevated.